Crawford County Public Health receives and investigates environmental complaints and collaborates with other agencies to reduce environmental health hazards.

Animal Bites and Rabies Prevention

Animal bites are reported to local law enforcement and the health department to assure proper follow-up steps with the animal and the victim.

Protect Yourself from Ticks & Mosquitos

In Wisconsin, ticks and mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance, they can also spread many illnesses to people. Preventing bites from ticks and mosquitoes is the key step in avoiding these illnesses.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

The health department follows up on all high lead results.  A nurse home visit is completed to provide education on prevention measures and directions for next steps.  Follow-up testing is recommended and monitored.

Human Health Hazards

Complaints can be reported to the health department and will be investigated.

Mosquito Surveillance

Contracted service includes canvasing for protentional mosquito-related human health hazards, identify and larvicide habitat sites, and provides education on how to decrease the incidence of mosquito breeding.


Crawford County provides kits to homeowners free of charge (at this time) through a radon grant.

Well Water Quality

Crawford County Public Health can provide well water tests to homes with a pregnant mom or baby under 6 months and to residents that have private wells that have been affected by flooding.